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29 Life-Changing Ways to Rekindle Your Enthusiasm for Life

Do you sometimes feel a lack of enthusiasm about your life?

If so, you’re not alone.

Many people go through periods in which they don’t feel the joy, energy, or excitement about their life that they used to.

The good news is there are ways to put the zest back into everyday living!

More Enthusiasm! 29 Ways to Help Life Feel Fun Again

Below are 29 ways to bring enthusiasm back. I chose these tips specifically for their effectiveness and tendency to be underrepresented.

Start implementing them one at a time, and eventually, you’ll be well on your way to experiencing more cohesive energy throughout the day – in both mind and body.

Your daily lifestyle will become healthier.

In case you need extra inspiration to help you implement a particular tip, I’ve also included a link within each tip that forwards to a deeper explanation.

1. Start Equating Enthusiasm with Personal Freedom

The universe seems to present more opportunities to people with a positive mindset and exuberant demeanor.

You can partake in the abundance, too.

Here’s how things can sometimes go wrong:

  • Bad, little daily habits will, over time, create lethargy.
  • Lethargy – in turn – will create more bad daily habits.
  • It’s a vicious circle.

Stop this cycle by asking yourself, “What do I need to live a healthier lifestyle?”

mature couple riding bikes at park

Do you need a large house, a yacht, a Maserati, and a billion dollars? All of the luxurious, material possessions in the world will not make you healthier.

If you had terrible health, you would likely – near the end – be very willing to trade all of your possessions in exchange for having excellent health once again.

Excellent health is synonymous with abundant wealth – because when you have robust health, you also have the foundation from which to build a joyful life.

Without that foundation, wealth won’t mean much.

What is a typical day like for you now compared to a year ago?

What progress have you made in your health over the last year?

It can be helpful in life to periodically take inventory of your own health.

Before you continue reading, recalibrate your mindset right now. From this point forward, understand that health equals wealth.

2. Get Brutally Honest with Yourself about Vegetables

Core concept: vegetables are a real game-changer; generally, an increase in vegetable intake correlates with improved health.

Action step: track your average daily vegetable intake – be brutally honest about it.

3. Use Enthusiasm to Appreciate that Wellness is a Daily Process

Core concept: shame is counterproductive; setbacks are a natural and healthy part of the self-improvement process.

Action step: engage your sense of humor during those “stumbling” moments.

Lean on the visualization technique of picturing yourself clearly in your own mind as an even healthier you; gently guide your attention and energy back to what’s working well in your daily life, and – most importantly – allow yourself to delight in your progress.

4. Sleep More Deeply

Core Concept: excellent sleep makes excellent health possible.

Action Step: do one thing to help improve your average night’s sleep.

Just do one thing. It could be to add a houseplant in your bedroom to help naturally purify the air, for example – or to remove as many electronic devices as possible from your bedroom.

5. Wake Up Leaner

Core Concept: paying closer attention to what you eat and drink after 4 pm is a pivotal step toward helping yourself become healthier and waking fresh-faced each morning.

Grains and flour seem particularly problematic for many people, especially when consumed in the evening.

adventure equals enthusiasm
An adventure is an unusual, daring, or exciting activity. It requires only effort and enthusiasm.

6. Know the Stages of Change

Core Concept: when people can acquire new good habits, it’s because they have moved through the five stages of permanent change – usually without realizing it.

Action Step: pick a habit you’d especially like to build into your weekly life, and honestly ask yourself, “if I were to get in my own way, how would I probably do it?”

Ironically, by planning for self-sabotage, you can avoid it.

Dane Findley is fitness and health expert for mature adults.
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7. Use Enthusiasm to Become a Cross-Trainer

Core Concept: most people focus chiefly on one form of exercise, which hinders results.

Action Step: To your weekly calendar of standing appointments, schedule these four separate workouts, “Outdoor Walk,” “Mobility Drills,” “Cardio,” and  Strength Training.”

8. Use Enthusiasm to Design Your Perfect Week

Core Concept: you don’t have to let life just “happen” to you. Everybody is given 168 hours each week – you have choices about how to fill those hours.

Action Step: write down a small number of activities that bring you the most happiness.

9. Decide What Being Healthier Looks Like to You

Core Concept: Each person defines excellent health differently. For some, being healthier means the absence of disease. For others, being disease-free – while satisfactory – is merely a foundation from which to build to the next level.

Action Step: determine what proper health means to you personally. How will you know when you’re optimally healthy? Be as specific in your answer as possible.

10. Use Enthusiasm to Return to Simplicity

Core Concept: the key to happiness in modern life is simplicity.

Action Step: identify what aspects of your typical day seem unnecessarily complicated.

Too many distractions create noise and erode serenity (“distractions” are those things that drain our energy instead of enhancing it).

To become consistently healthier, we must develop the ability to recognize those things (and people) that actually improve the daily quality of our lives.

What parts of your day can be streamlined?

11. Choose a Great Doctor

Core Concept: if you’re over 50, get your blood and urine tested every six months; this will help you optimize. The right doctor is a key ingredient to your new, healthier lifestyle.

Action Step: on a scale of 1-to-10, rate your own current doctor’s ability to listen carefully and be interested in your daily habits; determine if you need a new doctor – if so, ask a friend for a referral.

12. Use Enthusiasm to See Time Differently

Core Concept: when you look at your time objectively, you’re better able to prioritize your core competencies.

Action Step: track how you spend your time during an average day.

13. Track Your Calories Twice a Year

Core Concept: important is the number of daily calories consumed, the quality of those calories (anti-inflammatory), and the ratio (protein and fat versus carbohydrates).

Action Step: use a calorie calculator to determine your ideal number, then write down how many calories you consume in an average day. Strive to be as accurate as possible.

14. Use Tea Strategically

Core Concept: let science work on your behalf; research studies confirm tea can improve health.

Action Step: make a tea latte topped with half almond milk/half coconut milk.

15. Use Enthusiasm to Become One of the 3% Who Lives a Healthier Lifestyle

Core Concept: Get clear on your current strongest and weakest areas.

Action Step: Choose four tips from this article in which you believe yourself successful already. Next, choose the four that need the most improvement in your daily life.

16. Discover Intentional Breathing

Core Concept: stress is the same thing as aging.

Action Step: try this simple breathing exercise.

17. Start Using the Expression “Healthier Aging”

Core Concept: avoid taking the ostrich approach; the reality is that each day you get older, and it’s in your best interest to be strategic about aging, no matter what your age today.

Remember, it’s not about lifespan. It’s about healthspan.

Action Step: design your own, personalized successful-aging strategy.

18. Use Enthusiasm to Boost Your Metabolism

Core Concept: keep your metabolism fired up throughout the day by maintaining your glycemic index at cohesive levels – and avoiding extreme surges and dips.

Action Step: begin to think about every food and drink that you consume in terms of its “macros” (macronutrients) – is it mostly carb, protein, or fat?

19. Heal Your Feet

Core concept: Healthy feet are the foundation of your body’s musculature and central nervous system.

Action step: experiment with changing the positioning – and bodyweight distribution – of your feet as you walk, stand, and sit.

daily life enthusiasm

Dr. Mercola believes that when someone stands barefoot in the sand, the earth’s electrons are conducted to the body, bringing it into the same electrical potential as the earth. He states that “living in direct contact with the earth grounds your body, inducing favorable physiological and electrophysiological changes that promote optimum health.”

20. Sort your Supps

Core concept: food-based nutritional supplements can be a good idea to fill in the missing gaps in your daily diet. Your medical doctor and naturopath can help you fine-tune your supplementation regime.

Action step:  get yourself organized around your supps; decide how they, and the process, can be improved.

21. Avoid the Biggest Nutritional Mistake

Core concept:  inflammation causes disease and premature aging; mixing too many carbs with trans fats and fried foods is a recipe for disaster; you can decide – through careful observation – what foods your body finds particularly inflammatory.

Action step: experiment with replacing some of the carbohydrates (in your daily caloric allotment) with healthy fats to determine if your body responds positively.

22. Know the Poop about Poop

Core Concept: for many, daily elimination can be a crucial aspect of becoming healthier; you can use fiber and hydration (instead of caffeine) to inspire regularity.

Action Step: experiment with increasing your daily intake of water and dietary fiber to determine if it improves your elimination.

It’s perhaps not a topic for polite conversation at an elegant cocktail party, but any discussion about becoming healthier must address bathroom habits.

Specifically, you must poop every day.

Pooping every day is a “non-negotiable.” It simply must be done to maintain robust health. To skip even one day might mean that you have fermenting waste inside your body that is creating toxicity (you know how the kitchen trash – with its fruit peels and meat scraps – can start to get funky after one day? Imagine your own waste inside your intestines is doing the same thing).

Back in the Austen days of the English gentry, aristocrats would have their “morning constitutional” – a walk followed by their first bowel movement of the day. A walk can be an effective way to jumpstart the body’s digestion and elimination systems; however, not everyone’s lifestyle and daily schedule permit time for a weekday morning walk.

Instead of walking, many people today use coffee as a means of helping them poop in the morning. But, theoretically, we shouldn’t have to use caffeine to inspire elimination.

Instead, we can use fiber and hydration.

An all-natural fiber supplement containing soluble and insoluble fiber can be helpful. However, I find the best and healthiest solution is simply increasing daily vegetable intake.

Vegetables are fantastic at keeping our digestive system regular and clean.

If you’re already pooping at least once a day, that’s great. However, if you sometimes don’t feel the urge to poop within the first few hours of waking in the morning, then I invite you to experiment with drinking more water (even one or two glasses extra between meals can make all the difference) and eating more vegetables to see if that helps.

Always consult with your own medical doctor before making radical changes to your nutritional or lifestyle habits. Ask your doctor, “How can I become healthier?”

23. Use Enthusiasm to See Solutions

Core Concept: habitual, negative feelings can create malaise and even illness; the way out of a negative feeling is a positive thought followed by action.

Action Steps: begin training your mind to be solution-oriented (this could put your wellness journey into warp drive); immediately imagine that the solution already exists when you encounter a problem or challenge.

24. Use Enthusiasm to Build Your Happiness Momentum

Core Concept: exercise is self-perpetuating.

Action Step: pause and do a self-inventory before your workout. Observe your mood, and how your body feels, and listen to your thoughts about the impending workout.  Any lack of enthusiasm? Post-workout, do another inventory – take special note of any differences between how you feel after (compared to how you felt before). Any feelings of accomplishment?

25. Understand Normal Health vs. Optimal Health

Core Concept: there’s a different lens through which one can evaluate lab results from a yearly physical.

Action Steps: decide if you want to be generally healthy based on the averages within your current culture or if you want to be optimally healthy based on your own dreams and goals. Schedule a physical with your doctor if it has been over a year since your last visit.

26. Use Enthusiasm to Rise Above the Times

Core concept: you are influenced by the time and place in which you live in ways you might not even realize.

Enthusiasm Action Step: notice which of the daily habits and automatic behaviors you engage in are inspired by what truly serves you and which are “standard operating procedures” in our culture. Which habits generate enthusiasm within you?

27. Know the Full Circle of Wellness

Core concept: to get healthier as you get older, each week should include cross-functional exercise, excellent food choices, and daily habits of stress reduction.

Enthusiasm Action Step: notice when your environment seems to be making good self-care especially difficult or, alternatively, when it’s you who gets in your own way.

Self-actualization is the intentional process of activating – and expressing – all of your most positive capacities.”

28. Appreciate the Hardest Part of Being Healthy

Core concept: the actual acts of exercising and eating right get easier with time and enthusiasm; it’s the preparation that is often the most difficult.

Enthusiasm Action steps: look for moments in your day when better planning could have produced a more desirable outcome and more enthusiasm later on; determine in what specific ways preparation can help you up your fitness and eat better.

29. Use Enthusiasm to Make an Impact

Core concept: the degree to which you enjoy excellent health correlates with your ability to make a positive difference in the world.

Action steps: Reconnect with your reasons for wanting to be even healthier than you are now; notice that when you feel stronger and have more physical energy and enthusiasm, the world (including the people you love) benefits.

As always, I invite you to consult with your own medical doctor before undertaking any changes in how you eat or move.

Conclusion: 29 Proven Ways to Reawaken Your Enthusiasm for Life

If you were dying, possessions would matter much less than you might have imagined.

However, if you have no possessions but enjoy excellent health and enthusiasm, all good things are once again possible as your life becomes pure potential.

Please believe me when I tell you that there is no luxury in life without health and enthusiasm.

What to do when our daily life seems lately to have no zing and enthusiasm?

Let’s face it: modern life can be draining. Getting unstuck seems daunting – even impossible.

Yes, we manage enough emotional energy to get out of bed in the morning (usually), but sometimes we can’t seem to generate enough energy to move into high gear – to be brilliant and joyful throughout the day.

Each of us feels stuck from time to time:

  • This feeling – of being stuck – is a peculiar mood.
  • It’s not depression; it’s not really anxiety; it’s something of a mild malaise.
  • It’s a gray, nagging sense that the most isn’t being made of life – that potential sits fallow, that the brain has switched to auto-pilot.

Getting unstuck is the next best course of action. But how can you help yourself feel more enthusiasm?

Fortunately, the 29 tips outlined above will help you get unstuck and make life fun again.

Did this article on enthusiasm inspire you in some small way? Is there someone you know for whom this article might make a positive difference?

The methods outlined here will prove helpful for infusing life with enthusiasm once again.

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