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My email update, The Quality of Life Newsletter, is inspired by the philosophy of kaizen:

  • It emphasizes small, incremental changes to improve your health and appearance.
  • It celebrates self-improvement and the belief that every process – no matter how efficient it may seem – can always be improved.

This approach involves empowering yourself.

It identifies potential improvements in your life.

It’s the idea that small changes – stacked over time – can have a huge impact.

The term “kaizen” originates from the Japanese – translating to “change” (kai) and “good” (zen) – which can be interpreted as “improvement” or “good change.”

The point is to save time and energy by eliminating unnecessary steps in your self-improvement process.

Each of my weekly emails contains a simple action step for you to undertake on behalf of your own wellness!

You’ll Also Get Access to My Secret Room of Resources

My secret room of anti-inflammatory tools is for those subscribed to my free weekly updates.

Within the VIP area, I provide you with (free) resources to help you eat for a lean waist, a strong body, and supple joints.

Get the guides, recipes, checklists, and templates that will:

  • accelerate your health;
  • improve your physique;
  • and help you feel fantastic again.

It’s all available in my VIP area. For instant access, opt-in to my free weekly update:


“I really enjoy your weekly emails – they’re very encouraging! I’m almost 60 but feel like I’m barely 30 and in the best shape I’ve ever been. I feel great!”


“You obviously walk the walk, not just talk the talk. You train many different ways – and most importantly to me, you keep it simple and on topic.  I really appreciate that.”


“I am happy with your recommendations and I am eager to change my habits to feel better. I have started the routine for glutes you shared and I’m already noticing changes!”


“I’m unsure how many people send you feedback, but I feel I have to. I’ve been through a serious life test and realized that only I am responsible for my health, my life quality, and my life duration. I am very grateful for what you do and how you dive deeply into the subject – lead by example is your way!”


“Really appreciate your time and dedication in helping others.”


“I love your stuff and am so happy that I stumbled upon it – actually my wife found it on Pinterest and showed me, and I’m hooked. Thank you for all you do!”


“I will work hard at keeping myself accountable to my gym time and home workouts using your fabulous online training. Thank you so much for all you do to inspire, motivate, and teach your tried-and-true methods of whole body/mind/spirit development. I am so grateful.”


The key to taking your fitness and health to the next level is to stay inspired. I encourage you to opt-in to my free update – it will make it easier for you to keep motivated:

“Thank you for your amazing lessons and life advice.”


“The main reason I look forward to your emails is you present with integrity. No false claims, you always state “in your opinion” and/or include your references. I really look forward to your posts. The best years of my life has not yet happened and I want to thank you for the information you share.”


“I am so delighted that I ran across you on Pinterest. You have inspired me so much – mainly in the area of working out and healthy eating.”


“Your site and its resources are among the best things I’ve ever found on the web.”


“Thanks, Dane, for inspiration, motivation and total positivity! Keep up the good work.  The world needs more people like you.”


“I have been working on a healthier lifestyle. I improved my diet and got lean. And you’re right – you walk with more confidence. Since reading your blog and incorporating some of your routines into my daily life I have felt amazing. I will be 60 in September and my body composition and mental state is the best in my life – even from when I was in my 30s.”

– Lou

“Your message and practical guidance can be beneficial for so many people. I appreciate the time and passion you dedicate to the message of a healthier life – and showing in detail what works for you and how we can test and experiment for ourselves.”


“I’ve been a big fan for about a year now.  I stumbled upon an article and have been hooked ever since.  I really feel that your message and advice can be helpful to anyone, no matter what their age. Thank you for all the wisdom and insight you share.  It really has made a huge difference!

– Charlotte

“I find your videos the most motivating. Once I get myself more flexible and ready to train properly, I’m looking forward to getting into some of your more aggressive workouts.  Keep up the great work. So grateful for your generosity!”

–Brian S.

“Thank you for your newsletter – it’s been so helpful for me to read your posts and pin your training regimen. I’m 52 and in the best shape of my life, but I’d like to go to the next level. I enjoy reading your posts about motivation, eating habits and self-care. Thank you for being a positive force in my life during this time. You inspire me!”


“I love the improvements you’ve helped me to achieve.”


“I subscribe to your weekly update and am starting to get organized so I can employ the strategies you’ve presented on your site.  You’ve given me hope and perspective and I want to thank you for that.”


“I must give credit to you for helping me, as I am sure you have helped many. I am starting to care about my physical health again. Your suggestions help me to remember how important it is to change behaviors in order to adapt and deal with difficult situations. Learning is a lifelong process, isn’t it? Thank you for your generosity.”


“The report hit home on many aspects. Thanks again for an amazing newsletter, I look forward to it each time!”


“I have subscribed to your posts and been enjoying them for a few months now. I really appreciate your holistic approach to wellness for mind, body, and spirit. My awareness this year has awakened to put me on a wonderful path. My wellness is shifting and improving in all areas and your articles have helped. I thank you for that.”


“I really like your posts and your updates they help a lot.”


“Thank you for your website and fitness tips. I enjoy your insights!”


“Thank you for preparing and sending — probably the best material I’ve read all year.  Really.”

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