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Start Here for Motivation [Guide and Video]

In what area do you most need motivation today?

You can learn the evidence-based methods for becoming more fit over 50. The inspirational video lower within this article can help you get started.

Get the Motivation You Need to Get Moving Again

My passion is assisting others in increasing their strength and mobility through lifestyle upgrades that reduce inflammation.

These healthy interventions involve anti-inflammatory diet strategies and body conditioning movements.

I’m 58 years old. I enjoy helping others create unique solutions for improving daily quality of life.

It’s not unusual for those who meet me in person to comment on my fitness and ask me questions about how I stay strong and flexible.

My body fat percentage fluctuates a bit depending on my work schedule and projects, but it’s typical for me to have definition in my abdominals.

dane findley motivation age 52

Since I guess it’s unusual in the U.S. to see a silver-haired man my age with lean and muscled body composition, that’s probably why I sometimes get asked questions.

3 Ways to Take Your Health to the Next Level

I created this site so I could share the three ways I get healthier over 50:

  1. Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Fewer grains, sugar, or dairy. A large variety of vegetables and one small serving of animal protein each night – more on heavy workout days.
  2. Cross-Training: Instead of focusing on one type of exercise, I do a different type of exercise each day – that way, my body never fully adapts, and I stay in the results-zone. Pilates, weight training, sprints, yoga, cardio, mobility drills, and Olympic kettlebell lifts. I like to exercise outdoors when I can. Daily exercise doesn’t require as much time as people think, but it still requires time.
  3. Self-Care and Personal Development: The more I develop my inner-self, the less need I have to self-medicate with things outside myself. By learning to naturally metabolize life’s daily little anxieties, I become better at staying positive and letting good things flow to me.

Begin Your Journey

Would learning more about one of these topics below be beneficial to you?

In all likelihood, your missing ingredient up until now has been consistent inspiration. You’ll need motivation to take your wellness, health, and happiness up to the next level, permanently.

I offer free updates:

  • the newsletter is for free-thinking, creative types who’ve decided they want to be even healthier than they are now
  • the evidence-based, actionable strategies for a better life – that I share freely – are for those intrigued by personal development
  • if you are kind and curious, you will likely find this information motivating and helpful
  • there’s nothing wrong with someone being rigid in their beliefs, but if that’s you, you’ll likely not enjoy my newsletter (no hard feelings – I wish you well on your journey)
  • if you go more than 2 months without opening one of my email messages, you will automatically be unsubscribed.

Motivation and Recommendations

These are just a few of the many testimonials I receive from those who opt-in to my weekly update. I think I might have some of the smartest, kindest subscribers anywhere. I feel grateful that I can use whatever talents I might possess to try to make a positive difference in the lives of others. You can read even more testimonials here.

 “I am 54 years young, and finally, finally, have turned the corner on getting my health where it needs to be at for an optimal life.  Guys like you have been a big help to me in overcoming my own self-sabotage.”

– Rob

“Since I’ve been following you on Facebook I started with a personal trainer and changed my diet.”

– Brad

“You share the best information that I have found!! Thank you so much!”

– Venisa

“Although I am not even close to 50 (35 at the moment) I find your articles very useful and inspiring. Better to prevent than to cure, I am thinking. So for those under 50, your insights are also greatly relevant.”

– Tim
mature couple demonstrate motivation and inspiration

“These years are the most important for men over 50 to not give up to nature’s process and to be the healthiest most fit individuals. Thank you for all that you do.”

– Topher

“I look at all your videos as soon as you upload them and do the ones I can. You look really great. I also have subscribed to your emails and they are full of good, philosophical advice for life in general.”

– Liz

“I’ve been following your newsletter/blog for a couple years. I love that you give as much attention to mental health as you do the physique. It’s a great mix of finding joy and physical health.”

– Bill

“I wish to thank you for the fantastic, positive, informative and very motivating emails I receive each Sunday from you. I read them with great interest, often referring back to them during the week.”

– Caron

“I admire someone like you out there teaching other people. You’re inspirational! I’m glad I joined your subscription. I’m 52 – but don’t use the computer much – you’re my only subscription I have! Or want!”

– Scott
mature athlete outdoors exercises
My new coursebook is designed for the sole purpose of helping you get healthier quickly. It’s a step-by-step guide for getting back into fantastic shape, presented in a strategic sequence. You’ll learn exactly how to eat after the age of 50. Your clothes will fit you better. You’ll feel trim and athletic. Even your skin will improve. Click-through for details.

“Hey Dane, love your posts. You’ve been a true inspiration to my fitness goals and my healthy nutrition choices. I decided to build a home gym and have included most of the equipment that I see you use. I’ll be 60 next year and feel great (mind, body and soul) plus my wife says I’m really hot! Thanks for sharing what you believe in.”

– Andre

“Dane keeps it hot. Practical life advice broken down into actionable steps. When I look at Dane, I’m like, ‘I can’t WAIT until I’m fifty.’ He’s legit.”

– Orchid

“His attention, knowledge, and kindness are recommendable.”

– Roel

“Absolutely love Dane’s techniques. Dane is a genuine person that cares about others’ well-being and health. Always something new to learn from Dane. As a new follower, I look forward to his update each week – I find it gives me motivation.”

– Brent

“This dude gets it! If you are ‘older-ish’ and into fitness or want to be, Dane covers all the bases. So glad I found this site. I have literally been looking for this sort of relevant fitness info for years!

– Jeremiah

“Thank you so much for all the work you are doing to help others. You give me motivation to try.”

– Scot

“Your program is just what I needed to pull me back on track.” 

– Starlyn
Mature fit couple demonstrating motivation.

“I’ve lost 16 lbs in 3 weeks since you gave me motivation.”

– Carl

“Dane, your entire product is awesome, have not seen anything in a full year watching you that isn’t top notch; thank you.”

– Allan

“Last year my life became upside-down. I stopped eating properly and lost 22 pounds in a few months. But one day when I was on Instagram, I saw you were working out in a park and that really gave me motivation. I became a gym member and not only put back the weight I lost but also feel much better. We never know how our actions impact others. Thank you for your encouragement. I just had my breakfast and I’m heading to gym now.”

– Shahram

 “I find your information very helpful and thought-provoking.”

– Teri
Affirmative Pilates Studio

“Thank you for doing this! It gives me motivation to know that just because this didn’t happen for me in the first half of my life, that it doesn’t mean I can’t look great the second half of it. You are proof. You are inspirational.”

– Jesse

Develop lean muscle, reduce belly fat, and improve posture and joint mobility.

In “Silver and Strong: Getting Fit After Age 50,” I explain exactly how to craft a Fitness Comeback Plan that specifically meets the needs of your unique body and lifestyle.

This new course is designed in a specific sequence to help you achieve a next-level of robust health – with high-value nutritional strategies that will have an amazingly positive impact on your physique.

You could look and feel better than you ever have before.

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