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15 Uncommonly Effective Ways to Get Your Life Back Together

You can get your life back together again. Was there a time in your life that seemed more enjoyable than what you’re experiencing now? In fact, it’s possible to experience more joy – and feelings of accomplishment – than you ever have before. What would your life be like if you were better organized?” We […]

Glutes! 13 Exercises for Firm Buttocks and Symmetrically Developed Legs

The glutes are meant to be strong in human beings. The gluteus group is built from three muscles – maximus, medius, and minimus. The maximus is intended to be among the most powerful of our body’s muscles. The gluteal muscles that comprise a person’s buttocks are a vital part of a human’s functional movement – […]

9 Ways to Attract Better People into Your Life

When you attract better people into your life, everything else gets better, too. Surrounding yourself with positive people is like pouring fuel into your rocket ship – it propels you to greater heights. Your health can improve, your career can improve, and your daily enthusiasm levels can rise when you carefully curate your environment to include only […]