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Stay Healthy! Avoid These 8 Health Mistakes (That Most People Are Still Making)

To stay healthy, it’s not always about what you do. Sometimes it’s about what you don’t do. I know this, because I’ve made some pretty significant health mistakes during my life. It turns out, this is fairly common. Research has established that most people think of themselves as healthier than they actually are: we think […]

Home Exercise Routines: 8 Popular Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

You don’t need an expensive fitness club membership or fancy gym machines to have a great workout. In fact, sometimes home workouts produce better results than the gym. Try any of these highly effective home exercise routines below. The reason home exercise routines can be so effective is that the human body adapts to movement […]

Use Ankle Weights to Sculpt Your Physique

Try these 16 exercises using wrist and ankle weights to develop strength, shape, and definition in your thighs and abdominals. Ankle weights can be a highly effective and fun weapon in your fitness arsenal. Use ankle weights to fight – and win – the war on weak, shapeless thigh and abdominal muscles. Your physique will […]