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Kettlebell for Beginners – 12 Exercise Ideas for a Defined, Sculpted Body

The kettlebell is a simple piece of fitness equipment that has been around for centuries. The genius of the kettlebell is that you only need one to give yourself a great workout. They’re small and inexpensive, yet highly effective for building muscular endurance and burning fat. You can do a kettlebell workout almost anywhere – […]

14 Stability Ball Exercises for Full-Body Strengthening

A stability ball is a highly beneficial workout tool for full-body fitness training. Though most people only use it to do crunches, there are many other important strengthening exercises that can be done with a stability ball. The reason the stability ball can be so effective is that it places your body into slightly unstable […]

Beginner Shoulder Workout: Your Waist Can Appear Smaller By Sculpting Your Deltoids

This beginner shoulder workout will help shape and strengthen your deltoids. Properly developed deltoid muscles – on both women and men – are more important than many people realize: When the posterior deltoid muscles are strong, this helps to glide your shoulders back and your chest forward in a natural and effortless way. This, in […]