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Resistance Band Workout for Upper Body

Try this complete upper-body workout using a resistance band to create strength, shape, and definition in your torso. I am an enthusiastic fan of the resistance band, particularly when training the major muscle groups of the upper body. The genius of a resistance band is that – unlike free weights – it creates peak resistance […]

Sprints and Cone Drills for a Trim Body

A 20-Exercise Functional-Fitness Training Workout with Sprints to Help Your Body Reach Peak Conditioning You can burn more calories with sprints. Get lean and strong! Sprinting is an excellent way to wake up a sluggish metabolism so that it can burn fat cells for energy more efficiently. Sprints, cone drills, and plyometric jumps help to […]

8 Lifestyle Upgrades to Help Yourself Become Leaner and Stronger

Adopting lifestyle upgrades is a process of taking less-good habits and turning them into better habits. Making gradual, lasting improvements to your daily habits is still among the best ways to extend your healthy lifespan. Here are eight lifestyle upgrades that can help you become leaner and stronger. These upgrades are based on simple mathematics, science, nutrition, psychology, exercise […]