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How to Leverage Your Food Sensitivity into a Better Physique

Having a food sensitivity can be difficult, especially when you’re still regularly eating the foods to which your body is mildly intolerant. However, once you know for certain what your food sensitivities are – and you’re able to successfully avoid those problem foods – your body could become stronger and healthier than you previously thought […]

How to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat After Age 50

Could the size of your waistline determine how long you will live? Here’s the latest research on how to lose fat after the age of 50 – including stubborn belly fat.

5 Scientific Ways Skin Will Appear Younger

How does your skin appear in this moment? What do other people see when they look at you? While I honor my own silver hair and wrinkles – hey, I figure I earned them and I don’t mind looking mature – I also must admit that it’s important to me that my outer appearance aligns […]