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Posture and Weight Determined by 4 Lifestyle Factors, Says New Research

There are four lifestyle factors that are proven to determine your posture, weight, overall health, and the ability to feel joy often. Dane Findley, age 52, demonstrates three simple exercises that can help to improve posture in athletes over the age of 50. The trick is to improve mobility while strengthening the posterior chain of muscles.   […]

Stronger Abs! 12 Exercises to Help You Develop Firm Core Muscles

How firm are your core muscles? Would you like your waistline to be even tighter? Properly developed abdominal muscles can look attractive on both women and men. However, there are greater benefits to having stronger abs than just appearance. People radically underestimate the importance of core strength. In essence, your spine is you. When your […]

14 Stability Ball Exercises for Full-Body Strengthening

A stability ball is a highly beneficial workout tool for full-body fitness training. Though most people only use it to do crunches, there are many other important strengthening exercises that can be done with a stability ball. The reason the stability ball can be so effective is that it places your body into slightly unstable […]