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Back Day: A Complete Workout for Your Torso’s Most Important Muscles

Too many people are skipping Back Day at the gym! A healthy torso has muscles that are developed symmetrically. Many people are unaware that their chest muscles are stronger than their back muscles, and that this is causing them problems in their movement, appearance, and the future wellness of their lower back. This article provides […]

The Dumbbell Torso Workout

Give your torso a thorough workout with a pair of dumbbells. These 16 exercises will firm and strengthen your upper body. The dumbbell continues to be the single most effective tool for sculpting a body’s torso muscles. A dumbbell is usually a safer and more convenient alternative to a barbell, but the real genius of […]

11 Mobility Maneuvers to Help Keep Your Joints Supple

Mobility maneuvers help keep your joints supple so that you walk better, have better posture, and reduce risk of injury. Improving flexibility is an important part of your successful-aging strategy. How do your joints and spine feel upon rising in the morning –– any stiffness? Mobility can be made better. If you’re in your 50s or […]