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11 Calisthenics with the Pilates Magic Circle that Improve Muscle Tone

The magic circle is a highly effective piece of pilates apparatus. When used correctly, the magic circle can help shape and firm the muscles of the human body. Pilates is a specific type of body conditioning that includes calisthenics. These calisthenic movements provide opportunities to create length in the body and improve alignment of the […]

5 Scientific Ways Skin Will Appear Younger

How does your skin appear in this moment? What do other people see when they look at you? While I honor my own silver hair and wrinkles – hey, I figure I earned them and I don’t mind looking mature – I also must admit that it’s important to me that my outer appearance aligns […]

12 of Life’s Most Helpful Realizations

Realizations are extremely important moments in the human life. If you’re ever heading down a path that will bring you unhappiness, a realization can help you suddenly become more fully aware of who you actually are so that you can correct your course. Realizations help you to make better choices in the future. Which of […]