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Win-Win Scenarios: The Art and Science of Successful Collaborations

Hi, I’m Dane. I’m a contentpreneur.

Your company might be interested in collaborating with me to reach my site’s readers, email subscribers, and/or my over half a million Pinterest followers.

I’m founder of Over Fifty and Fit. For those interested in collaborations with me or this website, here’s what you need to know about targeting my audience.

This site meets the needs of a specific demographic: higher-income, educated, creative types over the age of 45.

In building my audience over the last 15 years, my approach has focused on building an actively engaged audience within my chosen demographic.

As an example of the benefits of this type of focused approach, think of the TV show Mad Men:

  • Though it was never highly rated in terms of average viewers, the show was – during its run – the most popular among affluent households.
  • Similarly, my intention with Over Fifty and Fit is to entertain, educate, and inspire a highly specific audience with my healthier-living content.

I don’t know everything there is to know about life, but I do know my audience:

  • These people are middle-aged – or seniors – but they don’t think of themselves as typical of someone their age.
  • They think of themselves as cooler. They also think of themselves as healthier than most people their age. And they probably are. They come to my site to accelerate their accomplishments – to level up their health and appearance.

“Collaborations are the actions of working with others to produce a mutually beneficial result.”

I always have a minimum of 17,000 active email subscribers (usually much more):

  • The open rates for my emails average over 40%. This open rate is far above the industry average. My subscribers are interested and have purchasing power.
  • I regularly cull from my mailing list all subscribers who haven’t opened an email in a while. This means that the subscribers I do have are highly engaged and active.

I sell a course on this site, Silver and Strong, that helps others adopt an anti-inflammatory diet.

It’s a program that continues to impact many lives, positively transforming health and physiques.

Inquiries about Collaborations

A collaborative project can be a one-off or – alternatively – an ambassadorship collaboration (which is more long-term).

I have done these collaborative projects successfully, and they are among my favorite aspects of being a full-time blogger.

Dane Findley is a Pinterest Influencer and specialist in brand partnerships.
I am a Pinterest influencer with skills in brand-aligned content strategy. As such, I have access to industry insights and enhanced visibility for sales partnerships.

For reach on social, I prefer Pinterest.


It’s highly effective.

Pinterest is a visual search engine designed to solve problems entertainingly:

  • Pinterest has somehow managed to avoid the politics, OnlyFans, Forex traders, and spam that plague other social channels.
  • The vibe is both aspirational and practical, and there seems to be an emphasis on joy, physical health, and emotional wellness.

I have over half a million followers on Pinterest.

examples of collaborations with Dane Findley
An example of one of my collaborations – in this case, a joint project with Pinterest and NBC. (Source: Ad Age)

If you’re inquiring about a potential collaboration, I ask that you include all conceivable details. Please tell me in your first contact what you’re offering.

Facts That May Prove Helpful

Here’s what you need to know:

  • I’m grateful that you’re interested.
  • My blog intentionally has a “personal creator” style – homespun and underproduced – because, over the years, I’ve learned that’s what viewers, listeners, and readers respond to most.
  • Over the last 14 years, I’ve invested significant capital in this website’s infrastructure, developers, and consultants (for example, I don’t just rely on free search engine traffic – I’ve spent over $80,000 in ads to attract extra viewers from Pinterest, Facebook, Bing, and Google).

This Part Is Important:

  • Please send me an email and ask before you send me a product.
  • If a product is a poor fit for my readers, I won’t review or promote it. I don’t return products.
  • If I’m being paid to make a positive mention of a product or service, I state that it’s a promotion somewhere in the article, video, or podcast – such as “in paid partnership with..,” “sponsored by…,” or the simple hashtag: #ad.

Conclusion on Win-Win Collaborations:

I produce online content not only for income; I also do it because I enjoy helping people make uplifting choices in their lives.

If you’re a business with an intention to make a positive difference in the world, we can hopefully negotiate a price within your marketing budget.

Terms and Conditions:

Here is more information regarding endorsements, advertising, and privacy.



Mailing Address:

Dane Findley • 1887 Whitney Mesa Drive #3456 • Henderson, NV 89014