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Collaborations: the Art and Science of Win-Win

For those intrigued by potential collaborations with Over Fifty and Fit and Dane Findley.

Interested in collaborations? I’m Dane Findley. My website is Over Fifty and Fit and the demographic it reaches are higher-income, educated, creative-types over the age of 50.

When it comes to reaching my target audience, my approach is quality-over-quantity.

As an example, think of the TV show Mad Men. Though it was never highly rated in terms of average viewers, the show was – during its run – the most popular among affluent households.

Similarly, my intention with Over Fifty and Fit is to entertain, educate, and inspire a highly specific audience with my healthier-living content.

“Collaborations are the actions of working with others to produce a mutually beneficial result.”

Relevance, Social Influence and Collaborations

Many companies believe initially that an aggressive Instagram strategy is going to get them what they want.


But it depends on who you’re targeting.

A significant portion of my time and energy is geared toward Pinterest.


Because Pinterest, like Google, is a place where people go when they want answers to their questions – but it’s also a visual-search platform utilized when people are serious about researching, shopping, or becoming motivated.

Among marketers, Pinterest is still something of a best-kept secret.

That being said, I also consistently channel time and energy into my Instagram, for purposes of lifestyle branding.

Three hikers forming multigenerational collaborations.
Multigenerational collaborations often present win-win opportunities.

Data Points

  • I have over 431,400 followers on Pinterest.
  • I have over 14,900 followers on Instagram.
  • I have 17,836 subscribers to my weekly email update.
  • I have over 90,000 highly targeted human beings visit my site each month (and growing).

I have fewer ads on my website than the average blog. This is intentional – I value user-experience above all and I minimize clutter on my pages so readers can enjoy their time on the site.

I sell a course, Silver and Strong, that helps others successfully adopt an anti-inflammatory diet. It’s a program that continues to have a positive impact on many lives, transforming health and physiques.

Inquiries about Collaborations

I’ve been a full-time blogger for over 12 years. During that time, I’ve often worked 7 days a week. To say that I’m passionate about my blog would be an understatement. I take it quite seriously.

If you’re inquiring about a potential collaboration, I ask that you be highly specific. Please tell me exactly what you’re offering and outline your minimum expectations.

Again, because I budget my time carefully, I am unable to respond to ambiguous inquiries. Please be as absolutely specific as possible.

I thank you for your interest!

Terms and Conditions:

Here is more on endorsements, advertising and privacy.


Mailing Address:

Dane Findley 9436 W Lake Mead Blvd #5-301 Las Vegas, NV 89134