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3 Best Workouts

If I could only do three workouts for the entire week, these are the three that I would do. Why are these my 3 best workouts?

First, they create positive visual results in my body.

Also, I like that these workouts:

  • incorporate circuit training and functional fitness principles,
  • can be done anywhere (outdoors, gym, or home),
  • and are specifically designed to create strength, muscle tone, shape, and definition.

My 3 best workouts are comprised of:

  • an upper-body workout,
  • a lower-body workout,
  • and an anaerobic cardio HIIT workout for fat-burning.

These workouts are for both men and women and can be modified to match the mobility of your joints and your current fitness level.

The included videos will prove helpful.

1. My Favorite of the Upper-Body Workouts

Here is my favorite upper-body workout. The emphasis is on core conditioning for a trim waistline and on creating symmetry to improve posture (texting slouch and neck hump are lessened).

Dane Findley of Over Fifty and Fit does his favorite upper-body circuit workout.

Chest, back, shoulders, and arms are all included.

2. My Favorite or the Lower-Body Workouts

This is my favorite lower-body workout. The emphasis is on increasing mobility so that the body stays healthy and overall movement is improved. Also emphasized is glute conditioning to keep the buttocks round, firm, and well-shaped.

Older athlete doing a thigh muscles and legs workout in the park.

Hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and inner and outer-thigh exercises are also included.

My Favorite of the Fat-Buring HIIT Workouts

This is my favorite fat-burning HIIT workout. It might be my favorite workout of all time. Partly, I love it because it’s fun to do (the running and jumping sequences are like playing). But I also love it because it burns an astounding amount of calories.

Dane Findley of Over Fifty and Fit running intervals during a popular HIIT workout for weight loss.

Speed drills, agility drills, and sprints are also included to help strengthen your heart and lungs and improve the overall health of your physique.

I encourage you to warm-up before and cool-down after any of these 3 best workouts.