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Mature Influencers Say Inspiration Helps You Achieve New Health Goals

If you want to be more fit than you are right now, it’s key that you understand the role of inspiration in achieving health goals. A study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has established that humans are more likely to achieve health goals when they feel consistently inspired. This means that – though creating a healthier physique is challenging after the age of 50 – you can improve the appearance and performance of your body if you expose yourself to the right stimuli. You are more likely to look and feel fantastic if you motivate yourself with images of people who have what you want. To help get you started, here are a few influencers who can inspire you forward on your journey toward a better you.

The Benefits of Surrounding Yourself with People Who Are Thriving

It’s easy during modern life to feel discouraged or isolated.

Even a busy person surrounded by crowds of people can still feel disconnected.

It’s helpful to surround yourself with people who are thriving, who motivate you, and who serve as examples of how good life can be.

But sometimes it’s not possible to build your ideal community of real-life people. We move for work or friends move away – generally, people get so busy with their own children and responsibilities that we end up sequestered from one another.

Fortunately, reading about people you enjoy and respect – such as certain celebrities or online influencers – helps you to smile and laugh and feel encouraged by your own culture and connected to the collective human experience.

Who are your favorite celebrities and online influencers? Have you ever stopped and thought about why they’re your favorite?

If you’re like me, the reason you like them has something to do with how they make you feel.

It might be their sense of humor, or a certain confidence they exude that makes you feel good. I’d go so far as to say that just by watching them and having this feeling, you become inspired.

Inspiring images and articles are a vital part of achieving health goals because it reminds you of what is possible for you and your life.

fit mature couple use inspiration to achieve new health goals

By being inspired, you begin to see yourself in a similar way as the people you admire — not necessarily in the same exact details and circumstances but hopefully coming to some of the same realizations: that life is worth living and that you can help shape your own destiny.

How to Use Inspiration to Achieve New Health Goals

What I have found to be most helpful when achieving new health goals? The answer may surprise you: a negativity fast.

What is a negativity fast? It’s fasting, but instead of avoiding food, you avoid negativity. It’s the conscious act of avoiding bad news – including media headlines and people who bring you down.

inspiration influencer health goals

On a negativity fast, you deliberately seek out good news and positive people who help you to feel enthusiastic about life.

When you expose yourself to positive stimuli, you maximize joy – and when you maximize joy, more good things happen.


Healthy Influencers Who Provide Consistent Inspiration

True inspiration affects us all in different ways, depending on what we find inspirational.

Inspiration can sometimes be hard to come by when it comes to health and fitness goals. However, it does exist in books, websites, and programs written by experts who have successfully achieved their health goals and want to share their knowledge with others so that success can be replicated.

Check out these influencers who are hitting new health goals.

George Dellinger, Age 60

George Dellinger is a compelling individual. He is a 60 year-old model and post-production producer for films, television, and commercials who lives in Brookyn. His passions include animal-flow fitness and rooftop gardening. Dellinger has a dimensional personality that combines positivity, adventure, physical strength, and a robust work ethic.

George Dellinger inspiration influencer

“We’re here on this planet for a nanosecond of time,” says Dillinger. “And while I’m here, I want to experience as much joy as possible.”

Cynthia Orsini-Dahl, Age 67

Cynthia Orisni-Dahl is a model and actor located in Southern California. Her athletic childhood coupled with her more recent passions for mindful breathing techniques and yoga has given her a bearing of natural grace and nobility that provides inspiration to her students.

Cynthia Orsini-Dahl, age 67
photographed by Lesley Pedraza

Orsini-Dahl believes a key to healthy aging is – as John Wooden once said – to “not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”

Guillaume, Age 53

Guillaume lives in France and works as an administrator.

inspiration influencer

Guillaume is passionate about being a spouse and a parent and his hobbies are fitness and nutrition. “If you are lucky enough to have good health,” he says, “then do everything you can to preserve it.”

Jill Warner, Age 53

Jill Warner is a fitness trainer in Arizona who values strength, dignity, laughter, gratitude and faith.

jill warner influencer new health goals

Warner’s strategy for aging well is to combine intelligent nutrition with resistance training – and getting fresh air in the outdoors when the weather permits.

Lenny Kravitz Is Thriving at 57 Years Old

Lenny Kravitz is a highly regarded musician, songwriter, producer, and recording artist. In fact, Kravitz is more than an influencer, he is a global celebrity.

lenny kravitz inspiration influencer
photographed by Karen Gault

Kravitz lives much of his time in Paris and among his secrets to healthy aging are to:

  • eat a plant-based diet,
  • develop a deep sense of spirituality,
  • follow-through on goals,
  • and, do what you love.

If you’re lacking in inspiration to achieve or maintain your own health goals, what follows are a few tips for getting your creative juices flowing so you can finally start living the healthier life you know you deserve.

What is Inspiration?

Inspiration is a process of being mentally and creatively stimulated in a positive way.

Inspiration is an invaluable resource for building inner enthusiasm and confidence to achieve new goals.

The right motivation can make achieving your health goals a lot easier. In fact, it could be the very thing that makes the difference between success and failure.

Just think about what happens when you’re really enthusiastic about something:

  • You’ll spend more time working on it.
  • You’ll accept challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.
  • You’ll deal with setbacks without letting them get you down.

In the past, I’ve found that people tend to believe that inspiration is a passive resource. They think you either have it or you don’t, and if you don’t, there’s nothing you can do about it. But I disagree with this line of thinking.

The truth is that inspiration is something we can all create — it’s just a matter of learning how.

It starts as an idea in your mind, “this is possible for me,” or “I want this for myself”, but it becomes real when you put action behind it.

When it comes to goals, inspiration plays a pivotal role. Though we all have goals in life, it’s hard to keep them on track when we’re faced with obstacles, setbacks, and failure. This can be especially true when it comes to health goals like losing weight or getting fit.

Inspiration is the fuel that keeps us going when we might otherwise feel like we can’t go on. It gives us the strength to keep going even when things get tough. And it reminds us why we set these goals in the first place: because they matter!

A Peculiar Truth: Inspiration Begets More Inspiration

Yes, goals require effort. You don’t just wake up one morning and find yourself with a flat stomach and defined abdominal muscles. However, once you actually achieve a goal, you will:

  • be able to look back on this time in your life as a turning point for how you perceive yourself and what it means to be healthy.
  • have proof that you’re capable of doing things other people might not think you could do.

When inspiration flags, practical measures can help you get back on track:

  1. Move your body. No matter how busy you are, you can always carve out time for exercise. It doesn’t have to be a huge time-suck; even just 20 minutes of walking every day will do wonders for your mood and mental health.
  2. Set aside an hour each week to work on one thing related to your bucket list (no matter how small). You’ll feel great about yourself when it’s done—and what’s more motivating than feeling great?

Inspiration is like a plant. It needs to be maintained in order to serve its purpose.

An influencer is a person who shares their experiences and expertise with others on the internet in a way that is both aspirational and credible.

Mature online influencers are getting in shape, losing weight, and living healthier lives by opening up about their struggles and triumphs.

While it’s great to see these influencers take the time to share their stories, it’s essential to remember that inspiration is a two-way street. Instead of only looking at these influencers and thinking “I want to be like that someday,” you can follow up that thought with another: “I can do this too!”

Mature online influencers have overcome their age in the sense that they’ve reached a level of fitness that is too often unattainable for others within their age group.

They have helped countless people achieve their health goals by sharing their stories and inspiring others to do the same.

When you’re over 50, it’s easy to feel like you’ve already made your mark on the world. You might be thinking about retirement, or looking forward to the idea of slowing down and enjoying life more. But if you want to live a long and healthy life, there’s no time like the present to start making your health a priority — and there are plenty of mature influencers who are doing just that.

Inspiration should be paired with action to successfully reach your new health goal:

  • You can start by using your imagination to visualize your new self.
  • Imagine yourself at your goal weight, wearing those clothes you can’t fit into anymore, or feeling confident in your body after losing weight and getting in shape.
  • Next, think about what’s stopping you from making this change right now? What are some obstacles in the way? How would overcoming these obstacles make you feel? What do you believe is preventing you from making this change happen today?
  • In a goal such as this, how would you – historically and unconsciously – get in your own way?

Once you’ve identified what’s preventing you from taking action, you can start brainstorming solutions and looking for ways around those obstacles — or better yet — embrace them as opportunities for growth.

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