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10 Counterintuitive Ways to Become More Physically Fit After Age 50

Becoming physically fit after age 50 is more challenging than getting into shape at age 30. What would it be like if you were an even stronger person than you are right now – mentally, emotionally, and physically? Would being stronger create more positive outcomes in your daily life? Below are ten among the most […]

5 Things that Can Mess Up Your Digestion

Modern lifestyles sometimes make it difficult to keep the human body healthy. Here are five things to avoid in order to optimize your digestion.

5 Psychological Obstacles Preventing You From Being Even Healthier

You will progress more quickly toward improved health if you remove some key psychological obstacles. Psychopathology is the study of behavioral disorders and how humans unconsciously interfere with their own progress. Positive psychology is the scientific study of human flourishing and how people can function optimally. What follows are statistics about common obstacles people experience currently […]