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Dane Findley

8 Lifestyle Upgrades to Help Yourself Become Leaner and Stronger

Lifestyle upgrades are the process of taking less-good habits and turning them into better habits. Making gradual, lasting improvements to our daily habits is still one of the best ways to better our health and extend our lifespan. Here are eight lifestyle upgrades that can help you become leaner and stronger. These upgrades will be based on mathematics, science, […]

5 Scientific Ways Skin Will Appear Younger

How does your skin appear in this moment? What do other people see when they look at you? While I honor my own silver hair and wrinkles – hey, I figure I earned them and I don’t mind looking mature – I also must admit that it’s important to me that my outer appearance aligns […]

How to Plan Your Fitness Comeback

I turned fifty-two recently, and decided to make a fitness comeback. I liked the idea of turning 52 and being in the best shape of my life, and feeling better than I ever have before. And as this new goal began to take shape inside of my mind, I used specific methods to create a tailored plan for reaching […]